Dubai Expo 2020

1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022

The collaboration between Sauhu’s founder and photographer Olli Kotilainen has produced a work called ”Window to Finland”, which presents the renewed Finnish national landscape. The photograph is taken in the lake of Säkylän Pyhäjärvi (Säkylä, Finland).

Welcome to our lovely community of Säkylä and our region, Pyhäjärviseutu!

Säkylä is located in western Finland and offers you many possibilities in travelling, business and living.

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Sustainable food industry in Säkylä

Apetit Oyj is our remarkable food industry company, which produces high-quality vegetable oils and trades grain on the international markets.
People are increasingly opting for vegetables, and foods with a high vegetable content. As well as being healthy and tasting good, vegetables are a sustainable choice.

Apetit is Finland’s leading brand in frozen vegetables and frozen ready meals. Their product range consists of frozen vegetables, vegan and vegetarian burgers, pizzas and fresh vegetables.


Our nature defines our living

As you can imagine, nature strongly defines our living here in Säkylä and Pyhäjärviseutu. We have four very different seasons and all of them offer various kinds of activities. You can find silence in our forests or adventures with seasonal activities. Outdoor activities are popular and we love to spend time in the nature!

Seeking business opportunities in Säkylä?

Please contact:

Business Development Manager
Mrs. Hanna Nieminen
+35844 012 5863

Any other questions about Säkylä or Pyhäjärviseutu?

Please contact:

Mr Pertti Huitu
+35850 377 2000

You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram @sakylankunta

This is Finland – the happiest country in the world!
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